Repetition: Listening & Answering, Telling the Truth

Actors will continue to shift their focus off of themselves and begin to learn of their behavioral blocks.  Actors will begin to learn to tell the truth based on instinct and slowly shed censorship.  There is no use of scripts for this course.  

Pre-requisite:  Studio Meisner Technique: Intro Course or Equivalent.



Repetition: Point of View

An essential continuation and stronger focus on the Meisner technique's first tool, Repetition. Actors will learn to:

  • become spontaneous responders

  • live truthfully from moment to moment with their partners

  • understand their behavioral blocks and habits (and how to overcome them)

Pre-requisite: Studio Meisner Technique Beginner Level 1 course or equivalent.





Advanced Repetition and Scene Study

An essential and final continuation of the Meisner technique's first tool, Repetition. Actors will learn how to:

  • focus their whole attention on their acting partners

  • live truthfully moment-to-moment

  • become spontaneous responders without censoring themselves

  • express their full point of view.

  • apply their advanced repetition skills to a short scene

Prerequisite: Studio Meisner Technique Beginner Level 2 course or equivalent.

Cost of Beginner Classes: $285.00 per session (8 classes)

Next Steps

Actors who successfully complete the Beginner Level course will be recommended by their instructor to move to the Intermediate Level courses. Actors must be invited to move up levels.